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Dinosaur Park Project Bussiness Plan

Entire business plan

Recommend original, attractive and competitive products based on local peers and market conditions to increase passenger flow and returning customer. Recommend appropriate related products and other profitable solutions to maximize profits. Combined with the actual situation, give customers some promotion directions, content and form suggestions. According to the geographical location of the customer's site, local consumption level and peer pricing, etc. to make recommendations for customers.

What Can KANOSAUR Do For Customers

fiberglass fish statue

Fiberglass Fish, America

Park/site design or layout

Customize the park site according to customer needs and actual site conditions. In the area division, walking route, product placement and other aspects of the design to attract passenger traffic and return volume, in order to maximize profits.

Dinosaur Park Design


Customers can provide us with design drawings, reference pictures or models, and we will create the products that customers want according to the reference that customers provide. KANOSAUR can customize the product details such as body shape, appearance, skin, color, movement, sound and other according to the requirements of the customer.

Design dinosaur product and development

Product design and development

According to the customer's needs on the basis of the original design to modify or carry out new product design. KANOSAUR has a professional R&D team that is firmly committed to the belief that "let the world redefine 'made in China' ". KANOSAUR delves into production technology, dare to boldly try and study new products, only to make the movement of products become smoother, the skin touch is more real, longer service life.

Product quality control and inspection

KANOSAUR have a strict quality management system. On the one hand, at every step of product production, we will confirm with the customer to ensure that the final product is customer satisfaction. On the other hand, KANOSAUR has professional quality control of each product detail such as thickness, tensile force and flexibility of the product, and carry out aging test before the product leaves the factory to ensure that the product quality is in line with the standard.

control animatronic dinosaur quality

assemble animatronic dinosaur on-site

Installation guide/on-site installation

Installation instructions: For large dinosaur products that need to be assembled, we will assemble and inspect them before leaving the factory, and will also shoot the installation of the guidance video for the customer so that the customer can use it during the on-site installation.

On-site installation: If the customer has a need, KANOSAUR will send experienced workers to the customer to install.

fiberglass cartoon bear statue

Fiberglass Cartoon Bear Statue, America


After-sales service

KANOSAUR's products are guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, if there are quality problems with the parts of the product, KANOSAUR will replace them free of charge. At the same time, KANOSAUR also provides lifelong technical guidance services. Even if the product has passed the one-year warranty period, KANOSAUR will also provide technical guidance on the product, analyze the cause of the problem for the customer, and provide solutions.

after-sale service

Product Customization

big fiberglass skull statue

Fiberglass Skull Statue, Australia

fiberlass shark head statue

Fiberglass Shark Head Statue, Australia