Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Animatronic dinosaur puppet also names as "dinosaur hand puppet", which is a kind of dinosaur model can be easily controlled by hands to display some movements, such as mouth open and close with sound, blinking eyes, head moving. Besides, nearly all the dinosaur puppets are made as a baby dinosaur image, so the animatronic dinosaur puppet is also called baby dinosaur puppet.

A realistic dinosaur puppet should have cute appearance without teeth, because of the physiological characteristic of the baby dinosaur. Their sizes are from 0.5 m to 1.2 m in length, both children and adults can operate it for entertainment and performance. And the baby dinosaur puppet can have inside steel frame or have no frame, it’s to the function request, if no movements of eyes and mouth, then it can be without frame inside, and it would be lighter.

Different from the simple dinosaur hand puppet that is on the hand, the dinosaur puppet we make is more realistic. If you hold it like you are holding a real dinosaur baby. This kind of dinosaur baby puppet is very attractive to children. In school activities, in the community activities, if you are performing with it, you will be surrounded by children. Cute children, realistic dinosaur puppet. So where there are children, there should be one dinosaur puppet there.

· Realistic dinosaur appearance.

· Three movements, and easy to operate.

· Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, harmless to the body.

· Quality assurance, long service life.

· Accept the idea of customizing your dinosaur puppet.

Product Show

Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Puppet

For people over ten years old


1.45 KG

Movement: mouth open/close, head swing

No sound

lifelike Tyrannosaurus rex puppet

Tyrannosaurus rex Hand Puppet

For people over ten years old


2.05 KG

Movements: mouth open/close, head swing

No sound

Velociraptor Hand Puppet

For teenagers and adults


4.21 KG

Movements: head swing, mouth open/close, eyes blink

Velociraptor sound in dinosaur movie

velociraptor hand puppet

Triceratops Hand Puppet

For people over ten years old


1.85 KG

Movements: mouth open/close, head swing

No sound

Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet

For people over fifteen years old


1.88 KG

Movements: mouth open/close, head swing

No sound

Events Display

animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex in park
life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex
realistic animatronic t-rex
life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the real dinosaur baby


0.6-1.5M in length


1.5-4.5 KG


Realistic simulation color or customized


Baby dino roaring

Tailor Made

According to operator's figure or customized

Main Materials

Product Accessories

Charging Cable

Data Line

Power Bank

Vin 9V/12V

Vout 9V/24V


Customized for different country


Wrapping dinosaur hand puppet to avoid damage during transportation.


Customized Service

Customize dinosaur hand puppets with different appearance, size, skin color for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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