magical Chinese dragon light for garden

dragon theme lanern for garden

Dragon theme light. Designed and made according to the image of the Chinese dragon. Dragon body with a lighthouse. Two colors, red and blue, represent fire and water.

Model No.: FL001

Size: Customization

Color: Matching based on event theme or customized

Apperance: Refer to dragon appearance

Reference Voltage: 110-220V / 50-60Hz

magical dragon light
Chinese garden dragon lantern


Steel: Used to Make a three-dimensional model of dragon lantern steel structure.

Satin: Used to make the appearance of dragon lanterns. Commonly known in Chinese as "ba-mei-duan." Bright color. The satin has good light transmission and light reflectivity. Different colors of satin will show different colors under the illumination of the light.

ESL: Used for nighttime lantern lighting. Environmental protection and long-sevrice life.

Service Life


6-12 months


3-6 months (without resin on the satin)


6-12 months (with resin on satin)

Note: Applying resin to satin can slow down satin damage and extend the use of satin.


Small Lantern

Wrapped in bubble paper as a whole

Big Lantern

Split packaging, each part is wrapped with bubble paper

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