Culture Theme Chinese Lantern

Sample Display

Lantern during the day

Lantern at night

Basic Parameters






Matching based on event theme

Reference Voltage

110-220V / 50-60Hz


Steel: Used to Make a three-dimensional model of lantern steel structure.

Satin: Used to make the appearance of lanterns. Commonly known in Chinese as "ba-mei-duan." Bright color. The satin has good light transmission and light reflectivity. Different colors of satin will show different colors under the illumination of the light.

ESL: Used for nighttime lantern lighting. Environmental protection and long-sevrice life.

Service Life


6-12 months


3-6 months (without resin on the satin)


6-12 months (with resin on satin)

Note: Applying resin to satin can slow down satin damage and extend the use of satin.


Small Lantern

Wrapped in bubble paper as a whole

Big Lantern

Split packaging, each part is wrapped with bubble paper

Chinese Culture

Person in lantern picture: cái-shén-yé

Named "God of Wealth" in English

Culture meaning in Chinese: God of Wealth is the god of the world of wealth in Chinese Taoism. The folk beliefs are heavenly officials. The God of Wealth poured out the simple feelings of the working people of China. In the traditional Chinese New Year, people worship the God of Wealth and pray for the fortunate in the coming year.

Lantern Theme: huā-hǎo-yuè-yuán

Culture meaning in Chinese: From the Song Dynasty Zhang Xian's ci "Magnolia". The term describes the scenery of the flower and the moon and the metaphor for the desire for a better life. Sometimes used to congratulate people for getting married.

Object in lantern picture: hú-lu

Culture meaning in Chinese: Expressing wealth. Because "Hulu" is similar to "Fulu", it is a symbol of wealth, representing longevity and good fortune. The folks use the colorful gourd as a decoration, which is based on this concept.

Story: liú-lǎo-lao-jìn-dà-guān-yuán

Culture meaning in Chinese: From the classic Chinese famous book "Dream of Red Mansions". This story reflected people who have never seen the new world. It can be used to satirize people who are short-sighted and ignorant, and can also be used for self-modesty or self-mockery.

Culture in lantern picture: pí-yǐng-xì

Culture meaning in Chinese: Shadow puppet is a folk drama in which a silhouette of a character made of animal skin or cardboard is used to perform a story. It is an ancient Chinese traditional art.

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