Architectural Theme Chinese Lantern

Sample Display


Lantern during the day

Lantern at night

Basic Parameters


Refer to real building appearance




Matching based on event theme

Reference Voltage

110-220V / 50-60Hz


Steel: Used to Make a three-dimensional model of lantern steel structure.

Satin: Used to make the appearance of lanterns. Commonly known in Chinese as "ba-mei-duan." Bright color. The satin has good light transmission and light reflectivity. Different colors of satin will show different colors under the illumination of the light.

ESL: Used for nighttime lantern lighting. Environmental protection and long-sevrice life.

Service Life


6-12 months


3-6 months (without resin on the satin)


6-12 months (with resin on satin)

Note: Applying resin to satin can slow down satin damage and extend the use of satin.


Small Lantern

Wrapped in bubble paper as a whole

Big Lantern

Split packaging, each part is wrapped with bubble paper

Architectural Lantern

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

St. Petersburg, Russia

Medieval Russian architectural style, it is one of the few traditional Orthodox churches and a major tourist attraction in St. Petersburg.

Parthenon Temple

Athens, Greece

It is the most important main building of the Acropolis. Built to sing the victory of Athens over the Persian invaders. It is the largest shrine dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Temple of Heaven

Beijing, China

It is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped the Heaven and prayed for the harvest of the grain.

Arch of Triumph

Pairs, France

In order to commemorate the victory of defeating the Russian-Austrian coalition in 1805, Napoleon in 1806 ordered the construction of "a great sculpture" to meet the triumph of the French soldiers.

White Tower

Jinghong, Yunnan Province, China

Because of its white tower body and golden spires, like the spring bamboo shoots, it is also known as the bamboo shoot tower. The tower group is full of rhythm and reflects the Dai's architectural style and religious customs.

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