Animal Theme Chinese Lantern

Sample Display


Lantern during the day

Lantern at night

Basic Parameters


Refer to real animal appearance


Real animal size or customization


Matching based on event theme

Reference Voltage

110-220V / 50-60Hz


Steel: Used to Make a three-dimensional model of animal lantern steel structure.

Satin: Used to make the appearance of animal lanterns. Commonly known in Chinese as "ba-mei-duan." Bright color. The satin has good light transmission and light reflectivity. Different colors of satin will show different colors under the illumination of the light.

ESL: Used for nighttime lantern lighting. Environmental protection and long-sevrice life.

Service Life


6-12 months


3-6 months (without resin on the satin)


6-12 months (with resin on satin)

Note: Applying resin to satin can slow down satin damage and extend the use of satin.


Small Lantern

Wrapped in bubble paper as a whole

Big Lantern

Split packaging, each part is wrapped with bubble paper

Implied Meaning

Lantern Name: jīn-jī-bào-xiǎo

Culture meaning in Chinese: The original intention is that the rooster crows to tell people that the day is coming. The meaning is auspicious, and the dark is coming to an end. Dawn will come soon.

Lantern Name: nián-nián-yǒu-yú

Culture meaning in Chinese: One of the most representative languages of Chinese traditional auspicious blessings. It expresses people's expectations for future life, hopes to live rich, and has extra wealth and food every year.

Lantern Name: niú-qi-chōng-tiān

Culture meaning in Chinese: The days or businesses are booming, and it is getting better and better.

Lantern Name: sān-yáng-kāi-tài

Culture meaning in Chinese: Winter is gone, spring is coming. In ancient China, sheep were regarded as mascots. It also means to attract Geely, which can bring good luck.

Lantern Name: tiān-fǔ-jiāo-zi

Culture meaning in Chinese: Panda, the auspicious animal in China. Demeanor, elegant and charming. Its color is the image of the two rites of the Tai Chi; its appearance is also handsome and lovely; its character is also gentle.

Lantern Name: qìng-zhù-fēng-shōu

In ancient China, pigs were one of the main livestock. People will kill pigs in the New Year to celebrate the harvest of the year. In a certain sense, it is to express people’s expectations and wishes for the next year’s life.

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