Animatronic Visible-legged Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Animatronic Tyrannosaurus-rex costume is a kind of realistic dinosaur costume which imitates the appearance and body characteristics of T-Rex in the movie. The basic T-Rex costume is the visible-leg type, which means that when the performer wears the costume, the audience can see the performer's legs. This style of dinosaur suit is more breathable and easier to operate.

Sample Display

Product Show

realistic Tyrannosaurus rex costume for adults

Realistic Tyrannosaurus-rex Costume for Adults

Model No.: DC006

The realistic Tyrannosaurus rex costume is a new type of dinosaur performance prop. The operator can clearly see the outside situation through the display inside the lifelike t-rex costume.

animatronic walking t-rex costume for themed events

Animatronic Walking T-rex Costume for Themed Events

Model No.: DC013

Realistic dinosaur costumes are mostly used for stage performances, commercial performances, and themed events.  This real t-rex costume is custom-made according to the height of the operator and has an overall weight of 18 kg. 

black realistic walking t-rex suit as dinosaur stage prop

Dinosaur Stage Prop Black Realistic Walking T-rex Suit

Model No.: DC014

The black walking Tyrannosaurus rex costume for adult looks cool. It is a perfect dinosaur stage performance prop. Easy to wear and easy to operate. The operator puts on this realistic T-rex costume to interact with the audience and let the audience feel the charm of the dinosaur up close.

blue t-rex costume for Halloween prank

Blue T-rex Costume for Halloween Prank

Model No.: DC018

Realistic t-rex costume should be the most popular dinosaur performance props. The operator puts on this kind of life-size dinosaur costume and can play the Tyrannosaurus Rex walking, howling, shaking its head to the audience. This also makes it a popular performance prop for mischief.

More and more clients customize realistic T-Rex costume for events, performance, Halloween parties---some scary T-Rex costumes... Here we’d like to introduce the T-Rex costume.

Firstly, the T-Rex costume can be divided into two kinds according to the appearance--- Legs-visible and legs-hidden. Easily understanding is that the operator’s legs could be visible and hidden due to the structure of the legs of T-Rex.

Secondly, the walking T-Rex costume could be divided into two kinds according to the material. Now we can make the realistic T-Rex costume by two materials. One of them is silicone rubber, the other is specific cloth with the texture of the skin. Then the weight of them is different.

Thirdly, nearly all of them are T-Rex costume for adults, but some clients want to make the costume suitable for kids. Generally, we suggest to make it for adult only(The main concern is the safety while operating), the length is 3.5 m to 4 m. What’s more, if you need it to be bigger, that’s also available.

Lastly, the basic accessories are a camera with an inside screen, speaker in the mouth to make sound, a battery to supply power, a fan to cool the operator.

Events Display

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the T-Rex in the movie




25kg or 18kg


Any customized color is available


The sound of the T-Rex in the movie


Basic Movements


Eyes blinking automatically

Mouth open and close with sound

Head moving flexibly

Tails waggling

Additional Functions


Water spray

Smoke spray

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