Velociraptor Costume for Dinosaur Events

Velociraptor costume is a dinosaur performance costume that refers to the appearance of raptors in the movie. The visible leg of Raptor costume is a basic dinosaur costume. This style of dinosaur costume is designed to the performer's leg are bare outside, so the costume is more breathable. Performers are also easier to wear and operate more easily.

Sample Display

Product Show

lifelike raptor costume for adult

Lifelike Raptor Costume for Adult

Model No.: DC001

Cool raptor blue costume for adults. The blue main stripe is matched with the deep gray skin color of the whole body, which is more attractive. The realistic full-body blue costume is perfect for dinosaur stage performances.

velociraptor blue costume with fur

Velociraptor Blue Costume with Fur

Model No.: DC002

Raptor “Blue” costume with feathers on the head. Dark black and gray skin color, with a blue stripe, as if a real Raptor Blue came to the real world. The realistic Velociraptor costume is easy to operate and is perfect for your party.

Raptor blue costume

Raptor Blue Costume

Model No.: DC003

This is a classic style of Raptor Blue Costume. The reason why this Raptor costume is very popular is because its appearance is completely modeled after the image of the “Blue” in Jurassic World.

life-size blue Velociraptor costume

life-size Blue Velociraptor Costume

Model No.: DC004

It is a Tibetan-legged Raptor Blue Costume that wraps the operator's legs well. When the operator wears this Velociaptor costume for performance, from a distance, it looks like a real Raptor.

new adult Raptor costume for sale

New Adult Raptor Costume

Model No.: DC005

The new walking Raptor costume. The texture of the costume skin is better than old raptor suit. In terms of weight, it is 6 kilograms lighter than the old,which makes the operator more flexible to operate.

lifelike walking raptor costume with feather for sale

Lifelike Walking Raptor Costume with Feather

Model No.: DC010

A brand new lifelike walking raptor costume. Lighter in weight and easy to operate for performer. The whole body has red skin with black stripes, yellow malicious eyes and feathers on the head, making this life-size raptor suit look more realistic.

lifelike attractive animatronic raptor costume

Lifelike Attractive Animatronic Raptor Costume

Model No.: DC011

A realistic walking dinosaur costume with a good look. It is a Velociraptor with feather on the top of its head. The simple skin color matching and attractive face looking can definitely attract people's attention in the dinosaur costume performance.

dinosaur performance props realistic walking raptor costume

Dinosaur Performance Props Walking Raptor Costume

Model No.: DC012

It is the new type of animatronic Raptor costume we made for our customers. Lighter in weight, easy to operate and convenient. Realistic Velociraptor costumes are very good performance props for dinosaur stage performances or school student activities.

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the Velociraptor in the movie




25kg or 18kg


Any customized color is available


The sound of the Velociraptor in the movie


Basic Movements


Eyes blinking automatically

Mouth open and close with sound

Head moving flexibly

Tails waggling

Additional Functions


Water spray

Smoke spray

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