Spinosaurus Costume

Spinosaurus costume is a performance dinosaur costume designed and made according to the appearance of Spinosaurus in documentaries or movies. Compared with the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, the interest and expressive power of the Spinosaurus costume is also very good. The basic style of the Spinosaurus costume is visible-legged, and this style of dinosaur costume is more breathable, and easy to operate for performers.

Sample Display

Product Show

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the Spinosaurus in the movie




25kg or 18kg


Any customized color is available


The sound of the Spinosaurus in the movie


Basic Movements


Eyes blinking automatically

Mouth open and close with sound

Head moving flexibly

Tails waggling

Additional Functions


Water spray

Smoke spray

Main Materials

Stainless Steel: Used to make dinosaur costume frame.

High-density Sponge: Placed on the outside of the frame. Wrapped in which the range of motion is relatively large to prevent the sponge from breaking.

Inner Strueture

dinosaur costume inner strueture

Product Accessories

Performance Tights: Free size. Its color is similar to the color of the visible-legged Spinosaurus costume legs.

Stainless steel hanger: Hanging Spinosaurus costume. 13kg weight.

Speaker: Playing the recorded Spinosaurus sounds.

Fans: Used to cool the performer.

Storage Battery: Supply power to fan, display screen, and speaker.

Charger: Transfer power to the storage battery.


Wrapping dinosaur costume to avoid damage to the costume during transportation.

Packing dinosaur costume. Can only be used once.

Packing dinosaur costume.Can be used multiple times.


Customized Service

Customize dinosaur costume with different appearances, size and skin colors for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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