Lifelike Blue Velociraptor Costume

Velociraptor costume is a dinosaur performance costume that refers to the appearance of raptors in the dinosaur movie. The hidden-legged Raptor costume is a senior dinosaur costume. Because the costume' legs are designed to wrap the performer's legs, the Hidden-legged Velociraptor suit is more realistic in overall appearance and perform better on the spot.

Product Show

Raptor blue costume

Raptor Blue Costume

Model No.: DC003

This is a classic style of Raptor Blue Costume. The reason why this Raptor costume is very popular is because its appearance is completely modeled after the image of the “Blue” in Jurassic World.

life-size blue Velociraptor costume

life-size Blue Velociraptor Costume

Model No.: DC004

It is a Tibetan-legged Raptor Blue Costume that wraps the operator's legs well. When the operator wears this Velociaptor costume for performance, from a distance, it looks like a real Raptor.

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the Raptor "blue" in the movie




25kg or 18kg


Any customized color is available


The sound of the Velociraptor in the movie


Basic Movements


Eyes blinking automatically

Mouth open and close with sound

Head moving flexibly

Tails waggling

Additional Functions


Water spray

Smoke spray


Wrapping dinosaur costume to avoid damage to the costume during transportation.

Packing dinosaur costume. Can only be used once.

Packing dinosaur costume.Can be used multiple times.

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