black realistic walking t-rex suit as dinosaur stage prop

real looking t rex costume for themed events

The black walking Tyrannosaurus rex costume for adult looks cool. It is a perfect dinosaur stage performance prop. Easy to wear and easy to operate. The operator puts on this realistic T-rex costume to interact with the audience and let the audience feel the charm of the dinosaur up close.

Model No.: DC014

Size: 4.2m(L)*2.3m(H) or Customized

Weight: 25kg

cool t rex costume for TV show
life-size t-rex halloween costume for dinodaur prank
life-size t rex costume on sale for Halloween Party


Basic Movements


Eyes blinking automatically

Mouth open and close with sound

Head moving flexibly

Tails waggling

Walking or running

Additional Functions


Water spray

Smoke spray

Product Accessories

Performance Tights: Free size. Its color is similar to the color of the dinosaur costume legs.

Stainless steel hanger: Hanging dinosaur costume. 13kg weight.

Speaker: Playing the recorded dinosaur sounds.

Fans: Used to cool the performer.

Storage Battery: Supply power to fan, display screen, and speaker.

Charger: Transfer power to the storage battery.


Wrapping dinosaur costume to avoid damage to the costume during transportation.

Packing dinosaur costume. Can only be used once.

Packing dinosaur costume.Can be used multiple times.

Other Information

Control Mode :Hand control

Plug: Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / Depending on standard of your country

Adaptability: Outdoor or indoor. Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof

Warranty: 12 Months & life-long maintenance service

Applications:Dinosaur Theme park, shopping-mall, Halloween party,amusement park, etc.

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