Real Animatronic Gorilla Costume for Gorilla Display

Realistic animatronic gorilla costume is our newest prop which is very popular by show performers and cosplay lovers. Realistic ape costume used to be widely used as movie props in The rise of the planet, Planet of apes etc. Our realistic gorilla suit is movie quality props standard but more economical. The real gorilla suit is made by material like foam, silicone, and fake furs. This suit is completely closed, and the operator uses VR glasses watching the outside world. We designed handle for the operator to control motions: mouth opening, eyes blinking, finger moving etc. Experience is very important for the animatronic industry, after manufacture many gorilla costumes we gradually improved our technology to make it lighter in weight, more durable quality and more easy to operate.

Video Show

Sample Display

gorilla costume
gorilla costume


Head turn up/down

Eyes blink

Nose smelling

Mouth open/close

Neck swaying

Fingers moving

Body up/down

Walking and running

Main Materials

Stainless Steel: Used to make gorilla costume frame.

High-density Sponge: Placed on the outside of the frame. Wrapped in which the range of motion is relatively large to prevent the sponge from breaking.

Product Accessories

Stainless steel hanger: Hanging gorilla costume. 13kg weight.

Speaker: Playing the recorded gorilla sounds.

Fans: Used to cool the performer.

Storage Battery: Supply power to fan, display screen, and speaker.

Charger: Transfer power to the storage battery.

A group of outdoor climbers are climbing the mountain in the jungle, suddenly, a bag of chips drop from one’s bag, which is his most favorite chips! His partner persuade him not to pick it up, but he say he will have no motivation to go on climbing without crisps.

All of them have to go down to the bottom of the mountain and pick up chips.At this time, a gorilla comes out, it looks at the crisps and seems that it also likes potato chips! In order to disperse the attention of gorilla, people dance in front of it, and they succeed! They picked up the potato chips and run away when the gorilla are not pay attention to the chips.

This is an advertising in Bangladesh, it seems that show a story between gorilla and chips. Actually it is the story between gorilla and KANOSAUR.

KANOSAUR got and order from the Bangladesh client, who ask us to customize a realistic gorilla costume for them. As they mentioned, this gorilla suit would be used for advertising shooting. The advertising required the gorilla to eat the chips and dance, so we have to pay high attention in hand movement, mouth movement and also the flexibility of whole lifelike gorilla costume.


Customized Service

Customize animatronic gorilla costume with different appearances, size, skin color, and movements for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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