Halloween Animatronic Zombie Props

Let the animatronic zombies accompany people to spend Halloween together. If you want to make your Halloween more exciting and impress, or you want other people to feel the fear of Halloween and hear the screams of the people you want. Those stationary Halloween zombie props are scary enough, but life-size animatronic zombies are enough to raise people's screams to higher decibels. The animated zombie prop can do some movements, such as the head-turning 360 degrees, the mouth opening and emitting a low voice, arms swinging, walking slowly and other actions. Compared to the zombie props that can't do movements, this animatronic Halloween props zombie will tremble with those who are timid.

If you need some scary Halloween animatronics props, make your Halloween pranks a success. Or if you want to plan a Halloween theme event, let the courageous challengers challenge their psychological limits, these animatronic zombie props for sale will be great idea.

Animatronic Zombie

A terrible zombie is coming to you, you feel scared and scream. This is exactly what the prank planners want to see. They manipulate the life-size scary animatronic zombie. The planners are happy for the success of their conspiracy, but the people who are spoofed are scared. Look, this is the prank of the animatronic zombies, a great animatronic Halloween prop.

halloween animatronics zombie for salezombie animatronics
life size zombie


· Head swing

· mouth open with sounds

· arm lift up and down

· walking

· customizable other movements

Zombie Girl Halloween Prop

Most people are kind to girls, but the farther away they are faced to a zombie girl, the better. On Halloween night, a girl stands back to you. You are very curious that she stayed alone outdoors at night. Go forward and ask her politely. She slowly turned around. You screamed and ran away. This is really a special Halloween prank. For those who pass by, the night will be unforgettable. So buy the Halloween animatronic prop zombie girl to plan your Halloween prank.

halloween zombie props animatronic zombie girl animated zombie girl Halloween prop zombie girl halloween prop

Animatronic Zombie Baby Halloween Prop

Animatronic zombie baby is a good Halloween prop. Although it looks small, it does not look so friendly. It was supposed to be a naive baby, but he showed a strange and chilling smile.

animated zombie baby prop scary baby halloween decoration zombie baby halloween prop

Animatronic Zombie Dog Halloween Prop

Place a few animatronic zombie dogs in the Halloween haunted house to add some fun to the haunted house challengers. Black skin, body with naked bone, blood red eyes, and bloody mouth with low squeaking. Such a scary Halloween animatronic zombie dog prop is enough to test people's psychology.

animated zombie dog zombie dog halloween prop Halloween prop animatronic zombie dog


Customized Service

Customize animatronic zombie with different appearances, size, skin color, and movements for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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