Animatronic Nine-tails Fox

This legend animatronic creature named Nine-tail fox. According to an over 2000 old Chinese book the Classic of Mountains and Rivers mentioned, it has nine tails, voice like the baby and it means good luck. And nine-tail fox has another means in the different culture. The most famous nine-tail fox is known as the one in Japanese comic Naruto. But our work is for children amusement park, so we make it look more lovely and attractive.

Sample Display

animatronic fox

Main Materials

animatronic animal material

Product Accessories

Control Box: An instrument that controls the movement of animatronic nine-tails fox. The applicable voltage of the controller box will be designed according to the country where the customer is located and match the corresponding plug.

Infrared Ray Sensor: A way to start the movement of animatronic nine-tails fox. The applicable distance is 5-10 meters and the angle range is 120 degrees. When someone is in this range, the animatronic nine-tails fox will automatically start and make an action.

Speaker: Playing the recorded sounds.


Wrapping animatronic nine-tails fox to avoid damage to the costume during transportation.

Packing animatronic nine-tails fox. Can only be used once.


Customized Service

Customize artificial nine-tails fox with different appearances, skin color, and songs for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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