Animatronic Falkor Dog

Falkor is a character in the movie "Neverending Story" and it has another name, "Luckdragon". Falkor has an elongated body with rudimentary paws and pink scales and hairs that appear white in dull light. His head is described less precisely, though his eyes are given the color of rubies. In the illustrations of the German novel, he appears much like an oriental dragon or his appearance is of a dog; whereas a cover for the book by Dan Craig illustrated Falkor as lion-like; and in the 1984 film adaptation of the novel, as well as its sequels, Falkor has canine features upon a white-furred body and is pleased by affectionate scratchings behind his ear.

-- Reference Wikipedia “List of The Neverending Story characters”

With reference to these basic features, we have customized such a simulation Falkor for our customers based on their customer's characteristics.

Product Show

lovely animatronic falkor
life-size stuffed falkor animatronics
animatronic falkor prop
the eyes of aniamtronic luckdragon

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the Falkor in the movie




Brown skin, and blue eyes


Lion roaring and snoring

Control Mode

Remote control


Basic Movements


Head moving flexibly

Mouth open and close with sound

Eyes blinking automatically


Tails waggling

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