Hello Kitty Statue

Most girls like cats. As a result, some businesses will display cute fiberglass cartoon cat statue in front of shop windows to attract female customers. For these merchants, the Hello Kitty cat statue is a perfect decoration. Of course, such a cat cartoon statue will also appear in the park, cat theme activities or children amusement. And we made those customized cartoon cat statue for decoration.

Sample Display

cartoon cat statue

Products Show

realistic cat cartoon statue
lifelike cat statue cartoon
lifelike cat statue
lifelike hello kitty cat statue

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the Hello Kitty


0.7M(H)*0.5M(W)*0.5M(L) or customized


Simulation primary color or customized


Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof

Main Materials

cow statue material


bubble plastic

Wrapping fiberglass cat statues to avoid damage during transportation.

wooden case

Packing cat cartoon statue. Can only be used once.


Customized Service

Customize Hello Kitty cat statue with different appearances, size, and skin color for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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