life-size animatronic crocodile replica for animal museum

The crocodile can be simulated in a fake way. The animatronic crocodile can do some simple movements, and can replace the real crocodile, and interact with visitors very safely. The animatronic crocodile replica models can be seen in zoos, and theme parks.

Model No.: AA009

Size: 2.8m(L) or customized

lifelike animatronic crocodile model
animatronic life size crocodile replica

The regular requirements of animatronic crocodile order we did, are always as below:mouth open and close;eyes blinking;tail shaking;simulation sounds

We're certainly not limited in realizing these features, actually, we can also realize the functions as below:

Crawling: Installing the wheels under the foot of the crocodile and then use the motor to control the movement of lifting up and stepping down the foot so that the crocodile can achieve the effect of crawling forward.

Track: Making a sliding track for the crocodile, the operator can use the remote control to operate the crocodile go forward and backward.

Underwater moving: Using the principle of pneumatic to make an animatronic crocodile, by this principle the crocodile can sink into the water, and climb up from the water seems like a real crocodile is approaching, that is really a scary thing!

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Other Information

Adaptability: Outdoor or indoor. Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof

Lead time: Within 15 days or depending on order quantity

Warranty: 12 Months & life-long maintenance service

Applications: Outdoor park, zoo, animal museum, etc.

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