Animatronic Elephant

The animatronic elephant is an elephant model that can do some simple movements. With the support of animatronics, it is possible to achieve a stillness elephant model can eyes blinks and swings the ears, making the elephant model more realistic. Compared to the static elephant model, the realistic animatronic elephant is more interactive with people. When someone approaches the animatronic elephant, it can automatically make some action to respond to he.

Sample Display

Product Show

Events Display

Basic Parameters


Refer to the appearance of the real elephant




Biological simulation color or customized


Lively elephant sound

Control Mode

Sensor control or manual control


Basic Movements


Head moving flexibly

Mouth open and close with sound

Eyes blinking automatically

Nose up/down

Ears fanning

Additional Functions


Water spray

Main Materials

Stainless Steel: Used to make animatronic elephant frame.

High-density Sponge: Placed on the outside of the frame. Wrapped in which the range of motion is relatively large to prevent the sponge from breaking.

Motor: Normally, we will use the direct current motor which includes brush motor and brushless motor. We usually use the brush motor, but the brushless motor is better than the brush motor. In addition, we have wipers motor which comes with reducer.

Product Accessories

Control Box: An instrument that controls the movement of animatronic elephant. The applicable voltage of the controller box will be designed according to the country where the customer is located and match the corresponding plug.

Infrared Ray Sensor: A way to start the movement of animatronic elephant. The applicable distance is 5-10 meters and the angle range is 120 degrees. When someone is in this range, the animatronic elephant will automatically start and make an action.

Speaker: Playing the recorded elephant sounds.


Wrapping animatronic elephant to avoid damage during transportation.

Packing animatronic elephant. Can only be used once.


Customized Service

Customize animatronic elephant with different size, skin color, and movements for customers.

After-sale Service

12-month warranty and long-life technical support.

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