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Bring the world a brand new "Made in China"

Dinosaur Costume

The Jurassic Park leaves deep impression to most people, but what a pity we can not enjoy playing with the live dinosaur again. However, now there is a chance for us to enjoy the Jurassic world! The great idea is our dinosaur costume, which helps people to touch, feel and enjoy the dinosaur better, how it will be so exciting!

Animatronic Dinosaur

Are you brave enough? When a dinosaur stares at you, swinging its tail and roaring in a deep sound, how will you feel? Can you see its mouth? How large it is, just like swallowing you! Can you see its eyes? How incisive they are! But please don't worry, it's just an animatronic dinosaur with such a real experience! Do you want to have such experience?

Animatronic Animal

Their appearances really look like the real one, and their vivid movements make it even more realistic. They can blink their eyes, open and close mouth synchronously with the sound, move claws, swing tail and even breath the air! These animals can be interacted by infrared sensors or button. With our amazing animatronic anima, we feel like staying with them together and have a very close relationship with them!

Fiberglass Animal

To keep the memory you want from those fiberglass animals, a lovely cat loved by your wife will be a good choice. Besides, A brave horse for your child also is pleasant! which not only can decorate your house but also show your love to your family member. How sweet the idea is!

Dinosaur Skeleton

Just imagine how it will be interesting if we first go to museum and visit the real appearance of dinosaur body. Attraction? Education? Amusement?... All of what you need could be realized on Dinosaur Skeleton. Customizing any dinosaur skeleton replica as you like, and enjoy with it!

Interactive Products

Imagine playing wrist power game with one dinosaur, isn't it amazing? Imagine your paper carried one seal of one dinosaur, isn't it interesting? Imagine you get one dinosaur egg, isn't it magical? This is the pleasure of interactive products. Come and play with them, let’s go!

Festival Lanterns

Come and see a kaleidoscope of colors in a variety of structures and themes. Each lantern is hand-crafted and presents a dazzling testimony to a revered form of Chinese tradition and artistry.
Come to enter a world of light. Each bright lantern was symbolic of good luck, hope, and love. Let them embrace you!

Parade Float

Express respect to the guests.
Cheer with fans together.
Celebrate your grand festival.
Passing on your colorful culture.
This is the charm of parade floats.