Dinosaur Theme Park in Domincan Republic

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-04-19 | Views | Share:
dinosaur theme park

This is a dinosaur theme park project that the company collaborated with a client in the Dominican Republic in 2016.  After the theme park was built, it attracted many local and foreign visitors. Visitors can take photos with the animatronic dinosaurs and play with the lifelike artificial dinosaurs.

animatronic dinosaur

takeing photo with realistic t-rex

This client has customized  different kinds of simulation dinosaur, like life-size realistic animatronic  tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, velociraptor, brachiosaurus, and so on. And some of which are life-size dinosaurs, and some are smaller version. His goal is to create a real world of dinosaurs for tourists.

realistic animatronic tyrannosaurus rexrealistic artificial triceratops

life-size lifelike simulation raptorlife-size realistic animatronic brachiosaurus

ride on animatronic tyrannosaurus rex