the Born of Cooper, An Animatronic Falkor Dog -- (Two)

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The following step was to turn a paper Cooper into a living Cooper!

The processes were complicated and we made many times of modifications during production:

Testing the motor: As one motor can only control one movement, and there were many movements that we need to achieve, we had to make sure that all the motors could be loaded in the limited space of Cooper’s stomach. Our engineers kept editing and adjusting the programs many times, in order to make sure that using the least motors to achieve all the movements. Finally, we succeed!

the frame of animatronic luckdragon

Making the texture of scales: It's really not easy to engrave the scales on a 4.6-meters-long Cooper. Our workers used the electric iron and kept making the texture of scales on Cooper’s body, they were so careful, as if Cooper was the most serious art they done these years.

Poor Cooper, you suffered too much before you born in this world!

animatronic falkor

Sticking the furs: Sticking the furs is really a troublesome job. The largest difficulty we met was to stick the furs on his face, but let off his dimples. Anyway, we did it!

sticking the furs of the animatronic luckdragon

On January 1, 2019, Cooper was born in Zigong(our factory). He was much perfect than what Sonjah had expected. His bravery (he never felt fear when he met many dinosaurs in our factory), his lively (he walked around with barking all the day), his kindness (he stopped walking and barking, keep quiet at the night time, although he snored during sleeping).

realistic animatronic falkor dog

On January 19, 2019, Cooper said goodbye to his dinosaur friends and took a vessel to the United States.

package the animatronic luckdragon

On February 25, 2019, Sonjah was so excited about Cooper’s coming. Neighbors welcomed Cooper’s arrival as well. They took turns to visit him, the garage(Cooper’s residence) was filled in the crowd.

Customer received animatronic luckdragon

On February 28, 2019, Sonjah took him to the stray animal shelter, where people liked him very much. They said they were willing to pay for one more smaller “Cooper” so that the Cooper won’t feel lonely anymore.

Emmm...KANOSAUR is now making a smaller "Cooper". Sonjah may give the smaller “Cooper” a new name, anyway, who knows. What we know is that we will keep making the custom animatronics, and we will create more and more “Cooper and small Cooper". If you have any ideas, you would like to have your own unique “Cooper”, please contact us freely, we will try our best to make all your ideas come true!

KANOSAUR, bring the world a brand new “MADE IN CHINA”.