the Born of Cooper, An Animatronic Falkor Dog -- (One)

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Sonjah, name of our client, posted the Cooper in his Facebook and mentioned that, “People were almost breaking their necks to look at Cooper as I was trying to figure out how to walk him back into the garage. Someone walking almost got hit by a car because she was watching Cooper. Too funny. LOL”.

animatronic falkor dog

Across the screen, I can feel that Sonjah loves Cooper no less than his cats.

Cooper was named by Sonjah, who is very enthusiastic and kind-hearted. He found us in the Facebook and asked if we can customize an animatronic which needs to be simultaneously similar to a dragon and a dog. He would like to give it as a gift to the stray animal shelter, effects more and more people to understand and accept the stray animals.

It was absolutely unexpected by Sonjah at that time, that the emergence of the Cooper would bring a lot of fun to this ordinary village. Neighbors come to see the Cooper, which brings heavy traffic jams in the front of the garage (Cooper’s residence).

Why didn’t he choose to customize an animatronic cat? (As far as I know, Sonjah is a cat lover who almost takes over his Facebook to his cats.) The reason why Sonjah chose to customize the Cooper, which with dog’s body, dragon’s face and two small wings... is because he was inspired by the movie never ending a story. In that movie, there is an ugly dragon, called “Luckydragon” or “ Falkor”. The dragon is very gentle and brave, with the help of Falkor, the protagonist Atreyu was able to conquer all difficulties and achieve a lot.

Sonjah would like to own one custom animatronic which looks like Falkor but walks and bark like a dog. On the one hand, he wished all the stray animals are as lucky and bravely as Falkor; On the other hand, he would like to call upon more and more people to pay high attention to the stray animals.

In fact, when we learned about all of his ideas, we analyzed the feasibility of these ideas, emm... It was of great difficulty to achieve these ideas. We were confident of our technology surely, but we were afraid that the Cooper in our mind is different from the Cooper in Sonja's mind. Since he only provided his ideas, for example, dragon’s face, dog’s body, fish’s tail, and scales, strange wings, bent knee, blue eyes, brown furs, dog’s neck collar, walking and barking like a dog, snoring when sleeping...etc. It really bothered us since we couldn’t even imagine what it looks like since we didn’t get any design pictures.

Sonjah told us that many vendors had rejected his requirements due to his baseless ideas. He was not sure if we would accept his ideas and make the Cooper for him.

KANOSAUR never reject anyone with dreams and ideas!

We tried to draw the rough shape of Cooper on the paper, such as dragon’s face, dog’s body, fish’s tail, and scales, strange wings, bent knee, blue eyes, brown furs, dog’s neck collar...etc.

After repetitive communication and modification, Cooper’s shape which had been appeared many times in Sonja's mind was finally confirmed.

the drawing of the animatronic luckdragon