how to make one animatronic dinosaur puppet

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According to the special requirements of customers, before production, we will discuss the details of confirmation of dinosaur products! We will design before production. Then it's completely based on it. We manufacture mechanical metal frame parts and add a motor to control eyeballing movement. This is an international standard to ensure its good quality. So far, we use high-density foam for dinosaur puppets. Shape. Our professional artists have more than 10 years of experience to do this. More importantly, our artists are working with scientists at the Dinosaur Museum. Texture. Importantly, it determines whether our dinosaur puppets are real. Silicone. For each puppet's skin, we use three times as much silicone, which ensures our Animatronic Dinosaur Puppet can be displayed outdoors. Sunproof, waterproof, snow-proof and so on. Painting. After the painting, the lifelike dinosaur puppet is in front of you.

animatronic dinosaur baby puppet