how kanosaur make a life-size animatronic stuffed tiger

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Animatronics is a technique for making animatronic animals, monsters, robots, etc. which at the beginning is used to satisfy the requirement of movies shooting, but now it has been formed as a discipline and is widely applied to kinds of fields.

The main technologies included in animatronics: electronic and electrical control, mechanical mechanism transmission, film or television special effects.

It is well known that KANOSAUR is very good at producing the animatronic dinosaurs. After doing researches on the morphological and behavioral analysis of dinosaurs, we restore their appearance and movement and bringing people back to the mysterious age of dinosaurs.

However, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for us to restore animatronic animals, for example, a realistic animatronic tiger. People on the earth haven’t seen the real dinosaurs before, which were only lived in history books, and documents which are restored by the historian. However, modern people all know what is tiger-like. Tigers appear in the TV and the zoo, which appearance, movement, voice, and also temper is well known by everyone. To make an animatronic tiger, our workers need to pay high-intensity work and high-performance hardware guarantee.

What’s more, it is far away from enough if we only restore the appearance and behavior of the tigers. Overcoming the problem of eyes, facial expression and verisimilar furs are really the stressful works for us.

The regular technology uses the hand-painted eyes for animatronic tigers, but we provide the 3D printing eyes for these animatronic tigers. According to the eyes pictures we collect online, which are taken by famous photographers domestic and overseas, we choose the most lively one and print it on the paper by using one 3D printer. Then we will use the acrylic material to shape around the paper so that to get a eyes model.

As for the choice of the tiger’s fur, we use artificial furs for the animatronic tigers. Our purchase manager is enjoying in selecting the most suitable furs from thousand of furs vendors. Although it pays a lot of times and energy to achieve, it is of great achievement for animatronics fans to find the furs which are enough to mix the false with the genuine! However, sticking the fur is really an obnoxious job, which requires a lot of time and energy to complete it. The process tests the patience and carefulness of workers, at any time we are in fear of receiving a letter of resignation from our workers who are in charge of sticking the fur...Haha

life size tiger stuffed animal

animatronic tiger head

So what is the application areas of the animatronic tigers?

Film shooting: it is the special effects material for film shooting. The advantages of animatronic tigers for the film and television industry relative to 3D animation CG are that they can achieve relatively low cost and higher realism resolution.

Technology exhibition: it is used widely in the exhibitions of the animatronic industry and technology, which attracts increased attention these years.

Theme amusement park: it brings brilliant fun to children and also brings considerable profit to the merchants