Two Kinds Of Animatronic Dinosaur For Dinosaur Yard Decoration

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-04-19 | Views | Share:
Do you want to make your garden unique? Do you want to be a star of your neighbors? There's an easy way: to place some dinosaurs as your yard decoration!

animatronic t-rex

There are two kinds of materials for our animatronic dinosaurs: fiberglass and silicon rubber. Fiberglass is most popular and common used material for outdoor decoration statues because it is waterproof, anti – ultraviolet and the color can remain for more than a decade. The other one is made of silicon rubber. They can blink their eyes, move their heads, move their tails, and synchronously with the sound.

simulation t-rex

Just image, if you decorate your yard as Jurassic World, will you become a big star in your neighbors? In that case, you might be the headline of the newspaper next day! Do you want to have a try?

artificial dinosaur