Split and Installation of Large Fiberglass Products

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Why we should split and install the fiberglass products?

Because our cargo size is larger than the size of the container, in order to facilitate transportation, we need to split the fiberglass statues.

How to split it?

The method of splitting varies according to the different forms of the product.

First, try not to remove too much when splitting. If you exceed the size, remove it. Because the part to be split needs to be assembled back, if the size is too large, the weight will be large. The strength requirement for the connecting portion is higher, and it is easy to have a safety problem.

Second, some structures of products are obvious, the split point is its connection point, which is easy to find. For example, the crab has a very obvious connection point, and its legs are all used as split points. Both beautiful, easy to install and labor-saving.

split fiberglass animal

Third, the node can be used as a split point. For example, a fiberglass dog statue can be used as a split point in the neck.

fiberglass dog statue

How to install it?

We have two different ways to install our fiberglass products.

First one: We will use screw and nut with suitable size to install it, this way often used for smaller connections, more fragile places, such as crab legs, butterfly wings.

nuts and annulus

Second one: We will use steel pipe to make connection, this way often used for lager connections.

use steel pipe to make connection

Fiberglass and steel connection:

Method: Pre-buried steel frame support

Practice: Put the steel pipe into the fiberglass, so that the steel frame and the FRP shell become as a whole.

Cause: The parts that are connected by the plug-in method which will have a large connection. Therefore, the degree of firmness must be guaranteed, otherwise there will be security problems. When the steel pipe and the fiberglass are connected together, the connection place will become stronger.

How to connected the products and floor?

First, use a power drill to drill holes in the iron piece or on the floor or wall. Then, insert the expansion bolt. Finally, tighten the nut with a wrench.

connected the products and floor