Scary Three-head Animatronic Snake Costume Show Prop

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2019-01-18 | Views | Share:

As everyone knows, KANOSAUR is a professional company which produces many fantastic products according to client’s thoughts. We walk in the front end of customization, be imitated all the time, but never been surpassed.

In the past years, we have produced kinds of animatronic costumes according to client’s requirements, such as dinosaur costumes, polar bear costumes, gorilla costumes, elephant costumes.

When we receive the requirement from one of our clients, we hesitate for a few minutes. They need an animatronic snake costume, with 3 head, shaking the tail, and spraying smoke. What’s more, the costume need to be worn by the actor, when the actor is walking on the grass, it seems that the snake is squeezing through the grass.

We did hesitate because we consider the space of snake will be not enough for both motor and actor. The motor would occupy the most space of costumes, and we need to guarantee the space for the actor too!

But finally, we completed it!

This is a snake costume, size in 12 meters. Under its 3 heads, we make 2 small holes for watching, and the actor can standing and walking. As their requests, the tail can shake, the head can move, and it can spray smoke.