Recycling of Chinese Lanterns

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-09-28 | Views | Share:
chinese lantern

Lantern is a cultural product with Chinese characteristics with gorgeous color and plenty of shapes which the main function is to illuminate. In ancient times, lanterns were made of paper or silk as its skin and the skeleton is usually made of bamboo or wood. The short-life nature of raw materials has led to a very short life cycle for lanterns, although we have now refined the process of making lanterns with damask, wire, and led bulbs, and It is impossible to avoid the shortcoming of lanterns' short-life.


Generally, lanterns are disposable products, and they are useless after running out. However, we found a way to recycle it!

Lanterns are basically the whole product, but in order to better meet the needs of customers to reuse it, we will divide the whole lantern into scattered parts and send to our clients. You may worry about whether it will be difficult to install, it is not a problem! We will break up the whole product in the easiest way to assemble by calculating, and we will provide the customer with detailed instructions video to guide them how to assemble. What's more, we will spray resin on the surface of the lantern to increase its abrasion resistance.


Ordinarily, lanterns can only last three to six months, but they can be extended to a year or more after our special treatment!