Professional Animatronic Animal Maker

Author: Alvis | Publish time: 2019-01-29 | Views | Share:

Due to the progress of technology, many animatronic animals are used in theme parks, museums, malls and so on.

As an animatronic animal maker, we have to run to follow the step of the improving of the world. An old saying in China goes “You have to run fast to stay the same place today”.

What we want to do is provide the high quality and high technology animatronic animal for our clients, we made a stuffed polar bear recently, let me show you:

life-size polar bear

From the design to last products, we will consider much, how to realize the movements as nature, how to add hair like the real polar bear and so on. Fortunately, we finish it not bad. In the market, we may not the most powerful, but we are the most hard-working.

As a professional animatronic animal maker, we also concentrate on different animals, such as life-size sheep, large stuffed white tiger, animatronic gorilla and so on.

life-size stuffed tiger

We customize products due to our client idea, the supplier must have the ability for customized products, there are no two same theaves in the world. It’s important to have high technology to realize the idea of customers’ thoughts.

This is a professional animatronic animal maker!