Packaging and Shipping Products

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The surface of the animatronic products is basically made of high density sponge and has a soft texture. The fiberglass products are mainly made of fiberglass fabric with hard surface. Whether it is an animatronic product or a fiberglass product, they will be damaged or scratched when they are damaged by sharp objects. So before sending products to customers. We all wrap our products in bubble plastic to avoid damage during transportation.

bubble plasticbubble wrapping animatronic dinosaur

Usually, we use wooden boxes or flight case to carry products. Wooden cases are cheap, and usually disposable. Most customers will discard wooden boxes after they receive the goods. Wooden packing is the first choice for most customers. The flight case's price is slightly higher and the appearance is better than the wooden case. Flight case is a better choice for customers who often have exhibitions or rent the products. Compared with wooden case, the flight case can be used to ship products multiple times. Of course, customers can decide which packaging method to use according to their budget and the use of the product.


We offer various modes of transportation, including freight transport, train transportation, air transportation and sea transportation. Provide different ways of transportation according to the time, country and budget of the customer. We have many ports of shipment, generally Guangzhou City, Shenzhen City, Shanghai City, Qingdao City, Chongqing City. The port of shipment will be selected according to the country of the client and the shipping location of product.