Interesting Aspects on Customized Realistic Halloween Godzilla Costumes

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2018-12-10 | Views | Share:

Several days ago, one of our American friends wanted to customize one piece of Godzilla costume, and we discussed lots of factors about the huge costume. A few points must be concerned if we want to create an excellent costume:

realistic Halloween godzilla costume for adult

Firstly, the proportion. We will make the costume according to the body figure of the operator, but some people want to make some special dimensions, for example, make the costume be more than 2.5 meters tall. Then stilts would be used to increase the operator’s height, the qualification of operating the stilts is quite important. Normally, we suggest to make the right proportion so as to get a perfect operating effect.

Secondly, the weight. Some of our clients use their costume for performance or parties, so the weight of costume would affect the operating time. We are making our efforts to develop new material to control the weight and get better and better skin, for example, our new dinosaur costume.

Thirdly, the degree of reduction. Especially create the figure costume, the key point is making the degree of reduction as closely as possible. We will use machine to make mold so as to realize advanced reduction and details, but with more cost.

Also you can experience as paleontologists, you will love this archeological adventure using brushes to discover a covered dinosaur fossil!