How to Repair Animatronic Dinosaur or Dinosaur Costume Skin?

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The surface of animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur costume are made by high-density sponge. Sponges are softer and can make products look more realistic, but because of this, they can't be hurt by something sharp. If the surfaces of realistic animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur costume are damaged, how can they be repaired?

Brush the glue evenly on the skin of the dinosaurs, then blow dry with a hair dryer. Fold the skin when the glue is not sticky. And please pay attention to skin texture alignment.
dinosaur costume skin

Stitch the wound with surgical needle.
dinosaur costume skin repair

Squeeze out the gray silica gel and scrape it evenly onto the stitched wound. Then put the stockings on it and gently pat it with soft foam to reveal the texture of the skin.
dinosaur costume skin fix

Use gasoline and silica gel, dilute in a ratio of 4:1, and then brush the diluted silica gel onto the repaired wound. (Please pay attention to uniform brush, no traces of flow.) Once the glue is dried, brush it again and hide the repair marks completely.
fix dinosaur costume  skin

After the silica gel is completely dried, the color is mixed with the pigment, diluted with gasoline, and then the diluted pigment is sprayed on the repaired product.
the last step fix dinosaur costume skin