How to Make One Animatronic Dinosaur

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The animatronic dinosaur is made by relying on electronic technology and mechanical transmission, so it can do some simple actions. That makes the animatronic dinosaur more realistic, compared to the static dinosaur models. The animatronic dinosaur has more production processes, and they have to be produced through thirteen processes.


Make design according to the demand from our clients and suggest for them.( We should check with our engineer about the size which provided by customers, because it may be wrong and disproportionate.) And send customer designs that we have made before according to their requirement. Besides, we will recommend a reasonable proposal according to their usage, budget, space, etc.


Draw from a top and slide view, based on the appearance of the product. We will draw product graphics on the ground with the ratio of 1:1 according to the drawings. And then we will make the frame with the iron.

Install electric machines

Install the electric machines in the preliminary frame. An electric machine controls an action only (machines less than 250W need not be equipped with retarder and larger than or equal to 250W need to be equipped with retarder). Direct-current dynamo are divided into brush motors and brushless motors. Usually, we use wiper motors, which belong to brush motors. After installing the frame of the motor, we should continue to perfect the frame and shape with the round bar.

Antirust treatment

Apply about two times antirust paint on the whole frame to prevent the frame from rusting too quickly.

Arrange cable

Arrange cable on the basis of the framework.


After arranging cable, we should test the products to ensure each action can be normally operated. It usually need about half a day.


Place high-density sponge on the outside of the frame after checking the inner frame is totally no problem. Wrapped in which the range of motion is relatively large with high density sponge to prevent the sponge from breaking. The sponge should be bonded with adhesive.

Further shaping

Professional artists will use design knife to perfect details according the drawing. To make sure that the appearance can looks beautiful, this is a very important step.

Making texture

Make the realistic skin texture with electric irons. Texture is a characteristic of dinosaur, we have much experience to do this job.


Use the mixture of gray glass adhesive and gasoline (gray glass adhesive: gasoline =1:4) to stick stocking (1 layer) with a sponge. And brush 3-4 layers of glass glue.

Painting & Sticking hair

Paint with a mixture of oil paint, gasoline and clear glass adhesive. The color should be paint from light to deep. Noted: The color of the final products will not be the same as expected because of the difference in blend color and device resolution.

Sticking teeth

The teeth can be made of fiberglass or silicone which can looks more real.


After complete the dinosaur, we must re-test the it for at least 1 day and we check whether we should do some complement color processing.

After the production of these 13 steps, the realistic animatronic dinosaur has appeared in front of people. All the work we have done is to bring the dinosaur back to the modern world and let people feel the dinosaur era.