How to Make An Animatronic Dinosaur

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When i were a layman, I thought it is easy to make a dinosaur products. I didn’t change my mind until i engaged in the work related to it.

It’s not easy to make an animatronic dinosaur at all, which need rich-experienced craftman and high-quality material to acheieve it.

Firtly, we need a design picture, the detailed information about size, movements, so as on. Then we will draw a top view and side view based on the appearance of the product. We will draw product graphics on the ground with the ratio of 1:1 according to the drawings. And then we will make the frame with the iron.

animatronic dinosaur designer drawing

animatronic dinosaur lofting

Secondly, we will install the electric machines in the preliminary frame, then arrrange cables and test if actions can be normal operated.After that, we will apply about two times antirust paint on the whole frame to prevent the frame from rusting too quickly.

animatronic dinosaur frame

make dinosaur frame

animatronic dinosaur frame

Thirdly, place the sponge on the outside of the frame, perfect details with designer knife according to drawing, Make the skin texture with electric irons, stick stocking with a sponge, painting and sticking hair and teeth...

animatronic dinosaur sponge

make animatronic dinosaur with hight-density sponge

stick stocking  with a sponge,


Last but no least, after the product is completed, we should re-test the products for about 1 day and we need to check whether we should do complementary treatment.

re-test aniamtronic dinosaur

Every step needs high-tech, strict quality control, and excellent painter,all of our painter graduated from famous Fine Arts Institute.

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