How to Assemble A Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

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Steel wire hanging: If it is possible to sling the steel wire from the ceiling in the showroom, we will choose the steel wire to hang the dinosaur skeleton replicas, and insert the wire through the second hole behind the eye to support the skeleton.

Steel frame support: If there is no ceiling in the showroom, we will make the steel frame to support it. The skeleton is heavy so the support is necessary. Otherwise, when the wind blows, it will shake and will be a great safety risk.

dinosaur skeleton for sale

Self Assembly: All the bones are demountable, and the underframe is knockdown. We will take a video before shipping, to show how to assemble the skeleton. We will mark down the number of bones, so you can know the position of each bone and assemble them correctly.

assembly the dinosaur skeleton replicas

Packing Way: Double layer plate. The skeleton is heavy, in order to avoid the damage to the cargo in transit, we have to use the double layer plate to reinforce the wooden case. Two wooden cases.The underframe is too heavy and needs to be packed separately. As for the fossils, we will pack them separately as well.

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