How We Make One Fiberglass Statue For Customer

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* If you have your own design, we will confirm the size and usage with you.

* Based on your needs, we can provide pictures to you for your reference.

* When you do not have a specific design, only the idea, we can design the product according to your requirement.

fiberglass statue Drawing


Draw a top and side view based on the appearance of the product. And draw the product graphics according to the drawings on the ground at the same size.

making framework for statue

Making framework

We will make frame according to lofting. The aim of making frame is to support the clay sculpture. You can use a rope to assist for better adhesion of the mud.

clay sculpture

Clay sculpture

Apply clay to the frame according to the design. First, we should make a rough like, and then carve that in detail. Clay sculpture need to use plastic bags to wrapped, saving for 3 days.

modeling fiberglass statue


To paste fiberglass cloth inside the clay sculpture. Glue is the mixture of resin and talc. Fiberglass cloth can be divided into rough one and fine one, the rough one is generally used in the places which have less radian; and the fine fiberglass cloth is for the places with large curvature and many lines. Usually the case is posted three rough one and two fine one.

In order to make the latter part of the mold can be more convenient to separate, We need to insert the poker card at the junction and stick with yellow transparent adhesive.

turn the mold of statue out

Turn the Mold Out

Take off the outer mold, and wax the inside, which makes it easier to separate products and mold. Then repeat the fifth step.

polishing the fiberglass statue


To trim, scrape and grind the finished product. We use coarse sandpaper to remove wax, and use cream to find trachoma. And then grind the product again.

fiberglass statue painting


First is to add on gray primer, and then add the nitrocellulose paint (with a variety of colors), then finish it with final spray (anti-UV)

fiberglass statue sample

Look the products we made! You can see how beautiful and good they are. Aren’t they? All of our products can be customized, you can also send us your preferred design and then we can make it for you accordingly.

So if you need some fiberglass statues for your shop, park or amusement park. Send emails to or fill out the form on the right side of the page to inquire about fiberglass statue.