How To Build An Animatronic Animal

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Animatronic animals are widely used for events, amusement parks, zoos, museums and so on, also an excellent animatronic animal can leave people special impression. But how can we build them? Please follow us to learn about the process of building an animatronic elephant

The first step, a good idea about your animatronic is much important. Conceiving the image of your animatronic in brain, for example, an animatronic elephant. Shall I build an Asia elephant or Africa elephant? What’s the length or height? What kind of action will it own? And try to find the picture or make a drawing.

animatronic designer

Secondly, we should make the engineering drawing according to the requested picture or drawing. The engineering drawing will conclude the sectional drawing of different angle, which will help the artist to build exact work.

realistic elephant frame

The third step, to build the steel frame based on the engineering drawing. Don’t forget to finish the key-point, that’s the anti-rust treatment. And then install the motor to drive the action of animatronic, and install the eyes, also spend one day to test the frame to confirm it can work smoothly.

animatronic elephant model

The next, shaping the muscle by high density sponge on the steel frame. And brush silicone on the skin to strengthen the toughness.

artificial elephant

Lastly, paint the color and finish the final test to ensure it works well.

realistic animatronic elephant

Now the two animatronic elephants are in India, and customers use it to decorate the hall.

Of course, we can build an animatronic with other craftwork, and different animatronic may have different process. Your idea or advice would be much welcome.