How Many Days to Make One Animatronic Dinosaur

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Depending on the number and size of animatronic dinosaurs, it is difficult to quantify the production cycle. Let's take five animatronic dinosaurs under 10 meters as an example to outline the time required to complete each process of these products.

Material preparation process: one to two days

Since most animatronic dinosaurs are customized to the customer, my company will reorganize the material according to the order, which takes about one to two days.

Welding machine structure: two to four days

The modeling of the internal steel structure is the first step in the animatronic dinosaur production, and is an important process, because it determines the shape of the dinosaur proportion, and the need to install a drive motor in the corresponding position to achieve smooth dinosaur action, must be experienced welders using steel bar welding modeling. This time usually takes two to four days.

Engraving dinosaur muscle sculptures: two to three days

The carving of dinosaurs' muscles is based on transmission welding. The sculptor glued the whole sponge together and carved it with a special carving knife. The sculptor should refer to the restoration drawing or the model of the dinosaur made by the authoritative organization and wait for the dinosaur texture to be finished. This process requires two to three days.

Making dinosaur skin: two to three days

The finished animatronic dinosaur skin looks fleshy, waterproof and tear-resistant. The artists first put a layer of elastic fiber cloth on the surface of the dinosaur to enhance the strength of the skin; then use gasoline as a diluent to dissolve the silicone gel in it, and then apply it evenly to the elasticity. This can play a waterproof role on fiber cloth. This process takes about two to three days.

Skin spray process: one to two days

Skin spraying process is very important which determines the overall effect of dinosaurs, is the most intuitive performance of product qualifications; according to customer orders, the use of spray guns on the dinosaur skin spraying a special layer of pigment, outlined a special pattern, usually takes one to two days to complete the work.

So, it takes about eight working days at least to make an animatronic dinosaur, and fourteen working days at most to make . At the same time, it also needs to extend the production cycle according to the quantity, size, temperature and order saturation. So if your dinosaur project time is limited, please contact us in advance, as the case may be, to allow sufficient. The production time.