How KANOSAUR Makes Realistic Dinosaur Costume

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* If our clients have their own design, we should confirm the size with them. ( We should check with our engineer about the size which provided by customers, because it may be wrong and disproportionate.)

* We can provide customer designs that we have made before or downloaded from website according to their requirement.

* If clients do not have specific design, but just an idea, we can recommend a reasonable proposal according to their usage, budget, space, etc.

Chinese Lantern Drawing


Draw a top view and side view based on the appearance of the product. We will draw product graphics on the ground with the ratio of 1:1 according to the drawings. And then we will make the frame with the iron.


After making the frame we should test the products to ensure each action can be normal operated. It usually need about half a day.

lantern lofting


After confirming that the inner frame has no problem, the high-density sponge should be placed on the outside of the frame. The sponge with higher density should be wrapped in which the range of motion is relatively large to prevent the sponge from breaking. The sponge should be bonded with adhesive. And then, further shaping to perfect details with designer knife according to drawing.

realistic dinosaur costume making texture

Making Texture

Make the skin texture with electric irons.

realistic t-rex costume skin-grafting


Use the mixture of gray glass adhesive and gasoline (gray glass adhesive: gasoline =1:4) to stick stocking (1 layer) with a sponge. And brush 3-4 layers of glass glue.

dinosaur costume painting

Painting & Sticking hair

Paint with a mixture of oil paint, gasoline and clear glass adhesive. The color should be paint from light to deep.

Sticking teeth

The teeth can be made of fiberglass, silicone or wood. It's time consuming to use wood, so we do not use it now.


After the product is completed, we should re-test the products for about 1 day and we need to check whether we should do complementary treatment.


First, the goods should have a simple packing and then packaged according to the requirements of the guests with wooden packing (the most commonly used) or air box packing (the product only needs simple packing if it will be shipped by container)..

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