Classification and Production of Animatronic Animal Sculptures

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Artificial animal sculpture refers to the use of resin after the mold, blank production, and simulation processing procedures, the production of bionic, imitation copper, imitation stone, imitation jade, imitation wood, and other FRP products which are with a different appearance.

The imitation animal sculpture originated from the arts and crafts, so most of the animal sculpture works have strong decoration and practicality. We pay attention to the animal shape portrayal and add color to the statue. The combination of sculpture and painting, complement each other so that the work has the same aesthetic feeling and appreciation value as painting.

Simulated animal sculpture image is very rich, such as Sika deer, lions, crocodile, dragon turtle, cattle, horses and other different animal images. And the animal imitation is realistic and vivid, and different artificial animal sculptures and crafts still exist differently.

realistic animatronic crocodile

The production of artificial dinosaurs imitation can be divided into two processes.

The first is a dynamic mechanical dinosaur, using steel to make dinosaur brackets, with machinery transmission, wrapping with high-density sponges to make dinosaur muscle parts, and then adds fibers to the muscles to increase the strength of the dinosaur skin, and finally after dilution with silica gel. The skin, then sprayed with color, and finally implanted into the control program, so that a complete animatronic dinosaur came out. Such an animatronic dinosaurs can move the eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other movements coupled with the appropriate call is very lively!

realistic animatronic dinosaur

The second is dinosaur statue. It manufacturing process and materials are divided into two categories: FRP material and cement sculpture. When making, steel is needed as the skeleton of dinosaurs, and then the skin of FRP and cement sculptures is attached. Such dinosaur statue can make different gestures and is lifelike. But it can't do mechanical exercises. It is a fixed dinosaur sculpture. Animatronic dinosaur is created by modern technology, based on the data of dinosaur fossil and with the help of computer restoration pictures. The restored dinosaurs look, shape, and movements are very realistic and vivid .

fiberglass dinosaur statue

Come on! Let’s have an adventure animatronics with your friends in the real world!