Artificial Fur for Animatronic Animal

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-10-09 | Views | Share:
artificial fur of animatronic animal

Perfect tactile impression and appearance, is the first impression of our clients when they see our animatronic animals. They touch our models like touch the real alive animals. They like the touch feeling, but the confuse as well: Are you used the real animal skin to make the models?

No! We never use real animal skin to make the models, it is too merciless! What’s more,it is illegal to use animals’ skin to make anything. Actually we use artificial fur to make the animatronic animals. The fur mostly made of fiber, with advantage of light, smooth,vivid, colourful, sun-resistant and so on. Even if it is covered with dust when using too long time, it can be cleaned easily. Using the brush to shake off the dust, and rubbing it with wet cloth, it will re-emerge its original surface to you.

A perfect work must be made of environmental material, lifelike appearance and guaranteed quality, we’ve been working hard for it and never slack, to provide you a unprecedented buying experience.