Animatronic Crocodile For Stage Performance

Author: Lemon | Publish time: 2018-12-07 | Views | Share:

This crocodile is for one of our Brazil clients. Different from our regular crocodile products, this crocodile will be used in a stage show, it need to be movable and walk at the stage flexibly. What’s more, it need to move quick sometimes and slow sometimes. It means that we need to control the speed strictly.

After getting all requirements for this crocodile, we begin to produce it as below:

use the storage battery instead of electric line, make sure the crocodile can move flexibly.

set up 2 programs to guarantee 2 different speeds, operators can control the speed by the remote control.

add the wheels to the crocodile, so that it can move at the whole stage; at the mean while, the wheels has been hidden perfectly, audience will not see the wheels until they turn the crocodile over.

crocodile replica

Expecting above movements, we also make below movements and sounds for this crocodile so that it will be very life like.

Mouth open and close, eyes blinking, head up and down, head left to right, tail shaking, paw scratching, simulation sounds.

animatronic alligator

Without suspense, this animatronic crocodile finish a very excellent show at Brazil’s stage and win a lots of applause and squeal.