A Novel Dinosaur Car For Amusement Park

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-11-19 | Views | Share:

The dinosaur car, as a kind of simulation dinosaur model toy that can ride, is very popular among children and is often used in shopping malls, theme parks, and amusement parks. So how is the dinosaur car made?

dinosaur ride

First of all, we need to design the image of the car. The factory will perform the scale-out on the ground according to the image designed by the designer or the image selected by the customer. Then, according to the graphic of the loft, the frame design and circuit laying of the car will be made. After the action test and anti-rust treatment, we will use the sponge of different density to wrap the frame, then use the utility knife to shape the sponge to make the shape of the dinosaur, then use the electric iron to make texture on the sponge. So what should I do after that? We will use stockings to skin our dinosaur trolleys, and then paint the surface of the dinosaur skin. After the paint is completely dry, our dinosaur car will be ready.

realistic dinosaur scooter

A well-made dinosaur car with vivid outlook and cute shapes can attract tourists, especially children. Dinosaur cars are now very popular both at home and abroad. What are you waiting for? Bring it back.