Lovely Pig Chair Statue for Taking Pictures

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-11-16 | Views | Share:

During this Autumn Canton Fair, we met one of our clients in Guangzhou City. He owns 12 different show rooms for passengers to take pictures. He ordered several containers goods from China, but he only ordered 5 items (two pig chairs and three big spoons for taking photos) from us because he thought our price is expensive.

take photo with pig statue

a little boy sitting on a pig statue chair

A few months later, most of the products he purchased had varying degrees of quality problems. Our products are the only ones without any quality problems. Now he totally understands what does what you pay is what you get mean, and he decided to place all of his later orders with us!!

pink pig statue chair

pig bank statue

As Kanosaur's mission said, bringing the world a brand new "MADE IN CHINA". We do not provide low price, but high quality with reasonable price. To choose Kanosaur is to choose the best!