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KANOSAUR an animatronic co ltd, know as the StanWingston School in China. We are devoted to bring our animatronics to the world, at the same time, let people know that there are good quality products in China.

Animatronic industry

The animatronic industry is an amazing field, we are professional at make lifelike fantacy creature , animals which are extincted (for example dinosaur), realistic wild animals etc. We not only make products but also make happiness. Our animatronics applied to amusement parks, theme park, playgrounds in many countries which bring a lot of joy to people.

animatronic dinosaur

animatronic mammoth

Development of KANOSAUR

Our most famous animatronic products is animatronic dinosaurs. Thanks to Jurassic Park directed by Spielberg, the group of dinosaur culture lovers is rapidly grown since 1990s. Theme park like Jurassic Park in movie turn to be more and more popular by tourists. Where there is dinosaur park there will be animatronic dinosaurs. The demand of animatronic dinosaurs give us a rare opportunity to developing , we gain the technologies and experience of animatronics manufacturing.

Animatronic products

Now, we have a product line of animatronics. There are not only a series products of dinosaur but also animatronic animal and other custom creatures. Especially custom animatronic gradually turn to be a big market demand. During over 10 years of making custom animatronics we mastered the technology of image designing, mechanical system designing, intelligence programming. Here we list some of custom animatronics we made:

Chompers for theme park

dragons for display

sea creature for show

Cooperation with KANOSAUR

We provide products and solutions for clients form all over the world. Now our customers located across the globe. Please contact us via info@kanosaur.com if you are interested in any of our animatronics.