Customer from New Zealand Sends A Giraffe Statue to His Wife

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-11-06 | Views | Share:

The buyer and the seller can not only have a trading relationship, but also have a deep friendship, even though they are separated by a thousand miles.

In June of this year, one of our clients from New Zealand sent us an inquiry saying that he wanted to give his wife a mysterious 60-year-old birthday gift—send her a favorite fiberglass giraffe!

fiberglass statue giraffe

We were deeply touched after listening to his story. According to our clients' needs, we recommend a design that is considered the most appropriate, and turn it from the drawings into reality. Each step is carried out in strict accordance with the drawings, and we often go to the workshop to supervise the production process. In addition, all of our company have prepared a birthday greeting video for her wife.

Our client sends us a feedback picture of his wife and our lovely giraffe. He told us he and his wife is very satisfied with our products! It looks very real!!

What we persuade is not only trading relationship with our clients, we also hope that we can maintain a warm friendship, because our development is inseparable from their support!!