BBC Recorded A Program At Zigong Dinosaur Fossil Museum

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-04-18 | Views | Share:
In June,2017, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum ushered in a group of special guests -- from the other side of the world, staff of All Over The Place under Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC), recorded the Zigong dinosaur thematic program.
In an interview, the overall researchers of the program said that he has known Zigong Dinosaur Museum long before. To record the program here, because the Zigong Dinosaur Museum has a spectacular site, with well preserved and kinds of particular dinosaur fossils. And in the UK's largest museum--- Natural History Museum displayed a dinosaur discovered in Zigong--- T. multispinus. He hopes to attract more British children to visit the Zigong dinosaurs after the broadcast.

dinosaur skeleton