realistic t-rex costume for Halloween prank

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Halloween originated in BC, is the Sam Khan Festival of the ancient Celtic.

Sam Khan is a god of death, also known as the prince of darkness. There is a legend among the ancient Celtic that, on October 31st every year, Sam khan would gather the spirits of the dead and consecrate them to their Celtic god.

The night of Sam Khan Festival (October 31st) belongs to the dead. The Celtic believed that the spirits of the dead would return home that night. So they would make room for the dead at the dinner table or campfire. You can see the lanterns which are made of vegetable and fruit on the street on that day, it is said that represent the spirits of the dead or the dead’s lantern. Not only that, demons and ghosts have also come out to roam the world, you can see the witches flying on broomsticks, the ghost, goblins, and skeletons...etc. They enjoy walking through the streets and alleys, drooling and licking their lips when they covetously look at the elderly, women, children...

Even those nocturnal animals, such as bats and owls, become so frightful. They are thought to be able to communicate with the demons and ghosts.

In order to protect the old, the young and women, the Celtic would put on all kinds of ugly masks and monster clothes, dress as scary as enough, frighten away the demons and ghosts.

It seems that Halloween this year is much strange than usual. When children are wondering in the street, a blast of cold wind blowing. The demons are approaching! People all dress up to drive them away, but the wind is growing stronger and stronger...It seems that the demons have seen through people's tricks!

When the Celtic are frightened and don’t know how to do, a bloody dinosaur comes out. Its hungry eyes seem would like to swallow all the demons and then digest slowly...Hearing its snarl, all the demons and ghosts run away like the ducks in a thunderstorm. Oh my god, that is the monster that existed before human beings on earth! There is no information about how to tame them in the history books. The human beings don't know how to tame the dinosaurs, let alone the demons.

After all the demons and ghosts been scare away, the dinosaur doesn’t attack humans. The Celtic spend a peaceful night.

When the sun rises again, the dinosaur comes out again, it seems that the children aren’t afraid of him at all. The dinosaur seems to know the human’s language and play fun with the children. Laughter pervades the street and lane.

Oh, it's not a real dinosaur, but a realistic t-rex costume! The deep texture and scaring eyes, no wonder those ghosts thought they were the real dinosaurs!