• Simulation Cannibal


    Simulation Cannibal

    Simulation cannibal! It has a bright color, but it is a deadly plant. Never approach it! ...

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  • Animatronic Bear


    Animatronic Bear

    This is half finished animatronic animal in our factory. It will have fur and movements when finished. And they will be placed out of a store to attract passengers. ...

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  • Fiberglass Elephant


    Fiberglass Elephant

    Life is always tough. To use my fiberglass elephant as an example, my client is very tricky, she always came up so many questions and requirements. But I am not afraid. Life is full of questions and waiting for us to settle. ...

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  • Fiberglass Horse


    Fiberglass Horse

    Do you like horse? Horse is loyal and a great companion. At war, horse is always the best buddy to you. And now, if you have a horse, you are the star of the road. So why not to get a real horse for yourself? ...

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  • Hulk Statue


    Hulk Statue

    This is an almost finished hulk statue in our warehouse. The goods will be finished after painting. ...

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  • Superman Statue


    Superman Statue

    Superman statue is one of the most popular hero statues. It is 1.8m high with a base. The size of it can be customized according to clients needs. ...

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  • Walking Dinosaur


    Walking Dinosaur

    A walking dinosaur. But its just a dinosaur costume, its human control. I want to wear it to display! ...

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  • Dinosaur Costume


    Dinosaur Costume

    Wow, this dinosaur walks like an alive one. The costume functions as a dinosaur cosplay. We can produce the dinosaur costume. ...

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  • Fiberglass Butterfly


    Fiberglass Butterfly

    A huge butterfly stands on the ground, good photographing spot! Its our new product--fiberglass butterfly.We also could customize any colors and any kinds of the insects as you like! ...

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  • Penguin Skates


    Penguin Skates

    Penguin skates is the aid to children. When they are skating, using this skate can protect them from hurting. We should take good care of anyone in the world, right? Using our product, not only beautiful, but also safe. ...

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