• Adventure Animatronics


    Adventure Animatronics

    The Jurassic world 2 is about to be released in next month. Are you not satisfied with seeing the running Tyrannosaurus just in the movies? Are you not satisfied with seeing static dinosaur skeletons in a museum? Come on! What we can do is to let your dreams come true! We will bring these dinosaurs ...

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  • Large Garden Dinosaur Statue


    Large Garden Dinosaur Statue

    Few years ago, we did a project for outdoor decoration of a national museum. We are responsible for everything from project, design, production, packaging, transportation, installation to after-sales service. The original idea was to place some large dinosaursgarden statuesoutside the museum to attr...

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  • Focus on The Details of Animatronic Dinosaur Model


    Focus on The Details of Animatronic Dinosaur Model

    As everyone knows, there are many difference between carnivore and herbivore dinosaur on physical characteristics. So we must exactly to show the details of dinosaur while creating the model. For example, when we create the model of herbivore dinosaur , firstly we must fabricate the teeth based on t...

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  • Don't Let The Size of Dinosaurs Confuse You


    Don't Let The Size of Dinosaurs Confuse You

    What will remind of you when the word littleoccurs to you? In the dinosaur world, many species belong to the littledinosaurs are much more fierce than those so called big dinosaurs. Why is that? Because most littledinosaurs are bipedal. All of the bipedal dinosaurs are actually carnivorous animal, i...

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  • Realistic Artificial Dinosaur Hotel


    Realistic Artificial Dinosaur Hotel

    There are now a lot of hotels around the world, how to stand out among other hotels? People tend to have different ideas, to have their own advantages comparing with others, like cheap price, luxurary experience, home-like comfortness... Then some businessman find a new way, to creat a special and t...

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  • Scariest Halloween Animatronics


    Scariest Halloween Animatronics

    During Halloween, have you ever been to the scary haunted house before? Performers acting like the scary movie character, dread skulls, alarming sound effect... All of those make you scream and shout, as you are in the thriller scene yourself. Will you ever step out and think about those scariest Ha...

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  • Feathered Dinosaurs


    Feathered Dinosaurs

    It turned out that the dinosaurs were also hairy!!! The Archaeopteryx was found in Ron Eytham in southern Germany in 1861 and was the first so-called feathered dinosaurs. For many paleontologists, feathered dinosaurs are transitional species between dinosaurs and birds, such as Sinornithosaurus, Cau...

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  • Here's An Animatronic Dinosaur Adventure


    Here's An Animatronic Dinosaur Adventure

    Childhood game, 3D dinosaur adventure, makes a lot of youngsters become a big fan of dinosaurs. Let me introduce this game first: Its 65 million years worth of fun and learning with a great knowledge of velociraptor stegosaurus the mighty T-Rex. Those creatures your child has been fascinated with si...

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  • Animatronic Dinosaurs Appears In Restaurant


    Animatronic Dinosaurs Appears In Restaurant

    With the release of various kinds of dinosaur movies, more and more people have begun to pay attention and love dinosaurs. Where can you find dinosaurs? Isit possible to see dinosaurs only in movies, dinosaur parks or museums? No, you can meet them in restaurant! A few years ago, we designed, produc...

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  • Jurassic Park Dinosaur Theme Exhibition


    Jurassic Park Dinosaur Theme Exhibition

    Today, more and more exhibitions in our daily life. You can see many exhibitions near you. Such as clothes, furniture, painting and so on. So I think most of people have gone to dinosaurexhibition. If you havent, please take some time to go. Because you will learn more about our prehistoric world fr...

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